Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hot Waitress Economic Index

What get onto your nerves when you see a super hot sizzling waitress bringing you food !! It won't be a fortuitous stroke of a genius if I say that most of the guys reading this must have conjured an image, already dumped in a swarming corner of their brain.

But when talking meat and potatoes, it takes time to gulp down the fact that hotness factor of the same waitress could decide the fate of economy in your country, Goofy!!, right ?

A bizarre theory, " Hot Waitress Economic Index", states:

                           Confused !!! Ok, time to shed a basic doubt that used to bother me often - making Madonna and Jolie dead-ringers wear the waitress's shoes will not make a country an economic super-power. 

The financial eggheads who we despise had devised this fun seemingly theory called "Hot Waitress Economic Index" which posits that :
When times are flush, hot people have no problem getting work. They have ample opportunities to make money through marketing gigs, modeling and other eye-candy jobs. When economy tanks, the opportunities dry up, and they are pushed to service sectors—to wait tables and to attract diners who like being served by hot waitresses, paying tips at their seductive smiles.

Most of we lady-wooers may like to interpret this as - worse the economy, hotter the waitress at your service will be.

I believe there are few fallacies and assumptions associated with this theory :
  •  The term "Hotness" is very subjective. Hot for one might be a cold dud for others. I have even overheard some Big Bang Theory followers say how seductive Amy Farrah Fowler is.
  •  Countries such as Maldives, Thailand whose economy is tourism independent would place priority to hire hotter attendants to lure tourists. Now I am not sure if they switch  to ugly staffers when the economy is on a boom.
  • The theory might not be applicable to Islamic oriented conservative countries where you can't see beyond the black 'burkas'.

Now that we know what the index signifies,still some of us when out for a dinner and greeted with a not-so-attractive smile, would smirk and shower praises on policy makers for bettering the economy. I commiserate with them and with their imbecility.

Next time when all you bloated nuts see a sensuous hot female serving you Lobsters Roll Rumble and Mexican-Style shrimp cocktail, don't panic, don't sell-off your mansions and don't head to the Holy Ganges for a spiritual dip.


  1. Thumbs up!! another fallacy would be :-

    - Not all hot girls will hit the restaurants (as waitresses) when the economy falls, they might just be unemployed rather that fake smiles at the dinner tables/lounges.

    1. Yup.There is another one : "Men's Underwear Index". Weird indexes jam-packed with fallacies :)

  2. Damn ,this is your blog u have written ..I thought its just a link ...that itself shows u sound like a professional now ! Good Going :)

  3. hah, there might be some logic in the index... bt Amy Farrah Fowler , seriously.. dude those friends of urs need to go out more often!!

    1. other friend has a crush on Mr Sheldon....God help her ;)