Saturday, 23 July 2011

Deja Vu

It was a hot Sunday morning. I was nauseous when I woke up. There was something unearthly  about the dream I had, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn't recollect it.

I went out to grab the newspaper. There was something quirky about every piece of news that flushed down my brain. Every word and image that my troubled mind tried to process, seemed to be already present there in a dark corner waiting to be explored and recalled.

I knew the wimbledon scores, the sensex , the politics and everything else . It seemed as if I had known all these before dwelling into the white and black pieces of paper.

Defeated, I decided to indulge myself  into a shower. As the transparent drops were falling and dancing on my torso, I slipped and fell. Whoaah !!!. I knew this would happen. In fact this had happened earlier. But  when!!!. I had stumbled literally the same way recently. Was it in my dreams. Have I been through everything, I am doing now in my dreams ???

On spur of a moment, my life to me was  a gemination of all that I had done somewhere, sometime  in past. Trying hard to tranquilize myself, I sat down to revive my dream. The images started flashing - My company, my friends, my lover. I was running in a street, shouting, a lighted torch in my hand. My eyes self moved to a leaf of newspaper describing about a torch parade held yesterday. My eyes were fixed to my image in the newspaper as the same, I had seen myself in my dream.

Sweat trickling down my cheeks,  my legs refusing to move
Debilitated and destitute, It seemed I was frozen by the same magic glue
Tormented by the force of thoughts, stranded without any clue
I was hit with DEJAVU


  1. a good read...:) Keep up!

  2. thanks...coming this from you is a lot of encouragement

  3. u proving that i have good influence on u :)
    keep writing

  4. Abe Saale, reading this reminded me of the innumerable essays we used to write thanx to ur baba in his room during school days... Kitna ghuma phira ke likh salta hai be....

  5. Anyways, well done.... Keep up the good work....

  6. @Chetan - Yeah... and then being lauded by teachers for our plagiarized essays :p